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Dan's Poetry Blog

You see fragile
fibers spinning in
a Spring breeze,
but web work
for spiders is
hauling heavy thick
rope in wind,
rain again and
again; it’s multi
legged work, fixing
sag, hitching up
slack; spiders are
wind surfing sailors
that survive by
knowing just when
to hoist, just
when to tack.

by Dan, Aug 2010

Poetry obeys commands
we will never understand.
Poems migrate by seasons
we cannot see, we think
we control the flight of flocks
our minds give wings to, but
then days become colder,
nights become longer, there
is a sudden wind caused by
the flapping of wings, and
then we know

by Dan, Aug 2010

Silence is not a storm,
it cannot turn into a flood.
Forty days and nights of it
and still no need for an ark.
So then, please explain why,
why does it feel like I’m sinking,
slowly drowning in wave after
wave of silence.

by Dan, Aug 2010

by dan


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